In the beginning ...

It's not my job to run the train, the whistle I can't blow.

It's not my job to say how far the train's allowed to go.

It's not my job to let off steam, or even clang the bell.

         But let the damn thing jump the track,

                And see who catches HELL.

Roundtree & Ore Mountain Railroad was conceived and started in the fall of 2003 and is a work in progress, being built with the sole purpose to give Dave & Babe a place to play outside with their model trains and garden tools. A place where grandkids, neighbors kids, and big kids can stand and watch the steam locomotives as they wind their way through and around the mountains pulling a string of ore cars from the mines to the smelter, or trees from the woods to the lumber mills. A place to share the excitement and memories of trains, and promote the hobby of model railroading. 

-------   And Remember   ------

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Roundtree & Ore Mountain R.R.

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